Devoted to enriching and cultivating a deeper appreciation of fine Japanese delicacies, Ikigai-shu is a unique company headquartered in Dubai, with a pioneering portfolio of services tailored to the hospitality, retail and travel retail industries. 

At Ikigai-shu we are guided by the Japanese concept of “ikigai” – the reason for living that fuels our professional business drive with passion and purpose.

Backed by international accreditation and inter-cultural expertise, our proprietary training and customised programmes are designed to penetrate untapped business growth potential, source artisanal Japanese products, demystify and elevate service rituals, and seamlessly integrate this up-and-coming segment into your business offering.

Our ikigai is different for all of us, but one thing we have in common is that we are all searching for meaning.

Our Founder

Our founder Viktoryia Toma is recognised as a leading EMEA Japanese Category expert and educator.

Passionate about every aspect of Japan and its intriguingly unique culture, Viktoryia has spent the last 15 years elevating the Japanese category in Dubai and the region. From crafting bespoke sake programmes to handpicked Japanese product portfolios, Viktoryia is a well-established expert in her field amongst key regional importers, hospitality, retail and travel retail companies.

Viktoryia’s list of qualifications is impressive. The UAE’s only educator certified with WSET Award in Sake – one of the most unique and comprehensive sake qualifications to hold, she is also accredited with Sake Sommelier Certification (SSA, London, UK) and Advanced Sake Professional Certification (Tokyo, Japan), as well as she acts as a Catalyst Member for the Global Japanese Tea Association (Kyoto, Japan).

For years I have been fascinated by Japanese culture, its culinary traditions and craftsmanship. My passion for Japanese cuisine, in its highest form of kaiseki, has further led me to appreciate Japanese sake, tea and even water - vital for both sake and tea brewing.

With every sip, I find myself closer to finding my ikigai.
Viktoryia Toma


Japanese culture associated with refinement, sophistication and appealing quirks never goes out of fashion. Japanese cuisine in its turn, from the finest kaiseki experience to izakaya bites, and from its purest form to fusion interpretations, is conquering global hospitality. Japanese beverages from sake to Japanese tea and water are becoming must-have offerings in Michelin-star restaurants, trendy bars, airlines, and VIP events.



At Ikigai-shu we empower our clients with the knowledge and experience to provide the highest levels of service and expertise in the sake and wine categories, enhancing their careers and improving performance of the organisations they represent.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin