At Ikigai-shu we empower our clients with the knowledge and experience to provide the highest levels of service and expertise in the sake and wine categories, enhancing their careers and improving performance of the organizations they represent.


With solid knowledge comes the confidence to deliver the best results and set higher standards at every touchpoint of the business.


Who will benefit from Ikigai-shu education and training programmes?

  • Food & Beverage Managers whose daily task is to improve performance of wine and sake menus by selecting and reviewing sales trends influenced by consumer behaviour, changing the market landscape, as well as making well-calculated decisions on the appropriate cost of goods based on the production methods, vintage variations and demand vs supply scenarios.
  • Sommeliers who are deeply passionate about wines and sake and wish to take their knowledge to the next level, improve their qualifications and have access to additional career opportunities.
  • Bar staff who want to include wine, sake and shochu-based cocktails to the menu and need guidance on product selection.
  • Purchasing Managers who need to gain a clear understanding of wine and sake category basics to feel confident in dealing with the procurement pipeline.
  • Corporate and private aviation companies, cruise ships and hospitality staff who want to improve their knowledge of beverage service, and have a competitive edge over their peers within the marketplace.





The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is the largest global provider of wine, spirits and sake qualifications. Trusted by the world’s most recognized drinks organization’s, WSET has led the design and delivery of wine, spirit and sake education for five decades. With four progressive levels of study offered through a network of course providers in more than 70 countries and translated into multiple languages, WSET qualifications inspire and empower drinks professionals and enthusiasts.


Explore the world of sake with Ikigai-shu, the only Approved Program Provider in the Middle East offering Level 1 and Level 3 Award in Sake Qualifications.



Global Japanese Tea Association is headquartered in Kyoto town, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.  It was created to connect all Japanese tea lovers around the world from tea growers and producers to tea sellers and tea drinkers, and to spark growth in the Japanese tea world through global collaborations.

Japanese tea is a fascinating world with many different tea kinds and producing regions. This provides a lot of space for both personal and professional exploration. While there is a lot of information about tea online, it is often confusing and sometimes even contradictive. Our tea courses offer a detailed and clear explanation on a variety of topics from tea history and culture, to tea production, various tea kinds and the best ways to prepare them.

In addition to that, we believe that the best way is learning by doing, so all of our courses include a range of practical exercises. Therefore, joining our tea courses will not only help you deepen your understanding of Japanese tea, but also gain practical experience with it, that will prove helpful for your current and future tea projects.

Demystify the world of Japanese Tea with Ikigai-shu, the official representative of the Global Japanese Tea Association and the only appointed Tea Catalyst in the UAE