Japanese Wine

Despite a handful of centuries-old wineries and numerous recent ones, Japan’s up and coming wine industry is a relative newcomer to the wider world of wine – one that draws plenty of acclaim from on-trade wine buyers and sommeliers. The subtlety, diversity and elegance of Japanese wines is recognised as an ‘emerging modern classic’, listed alongside iconic wines from classic wine producing regions.

With a ground-breaking renaissance underway in the Japanese wine world, their varietals are unprecedented in quality and styles – despite the country’s challenging climatic conditions and topography. Mastering international best practices, Japan has set new standards of viticulture excellence to increase indigenous grape production and firmly position the Japanese wine category on master beverage lists around the globe.

At Ikigai-shu we passionately guide our partners in a quest to tap into the trend with avant garde profiles and eclectic varietals that engage and capture the imagination of savvy consumers.