Japanese sake, commonly referred as Nihon-shu and available in a variety of quality grades and styles, is witnessing rapid recognition and leading to increased demand for premium sake across the world.

The global market is projected to expand rapidly in the coming years, due to evolving knowledge about sake, its growing availability at specialty stores and restaurants, the emerging trend of boutique sake brewery start-ups in the EU and USA, as well as increased consumer interest in light umami-rich beverages.

Sake is no longer a Japanese beverage consumed with only Japanese food. From a niche category, it is turning into a full-fledged super category on par with wine, spirits and beer. A must-have listing in every professionally made beverage menu, sake is proudly served in Michelin-star restaurants as well as pop-up wine bars.

Ikigai-shu has its finger on the pulse of both traditional and modern brewers, as well as craft producers. With countries across the USA and Europe also producing premium quality sake, vetted and recognised by Japanese associations and already embraced by consumers worldwide, we keep up with new trends and share our knowledge with the trade.