Japanese Tea

Steeped in centuries of history, elaborate tea ceremonies conducted with intricate detail is an integral part of Japanese culture. Beyond just the ritual servings, tea ceremonies are about bringing people together – taking a step back from the fast pace of everyday life to quietly enjoy the Zen-inspired experience.

When it comes to green tea, the Japanese have elevated it to an art form. Meticulous in every detail from growing exceptional quality grades to elevating the delicious brew with the purest indigenous water and served with ceremony in master crafted earthen teaware.

Discover a new world of luxury green tea with Ikigai-shu. We visit craftsmen, farmers and small producers to source the finest organic teas renowned for its restorative and bioactive properties, as well as clean and delicious flavours. Let us introduce you to luxury teas and ceremony insights to make your product offering of services truly special with a unique touch.