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IKIGAI-SHU Presented Japanese Tea Category at Japan Festival 2023


Japan Festival 2023 organized by @japan_cons_dubai was an absolute success! It brought to the UAE🇦🇪 residents and guests the unique opportunity to enjoy some of the best picks of authentic Japanese Culture and art, and to taste traditional food and beverages. It was the second year for @ikigaishu to participate in @japanfes_dubai. It was fascinating to see how the UAE community of Japanese culture amateurs is growing and how how quickly increasing the popularity and appreciation of high quality authentic Japanese teas. @ikigaicha_by_ikigaishu presented an extensive selection of traditional brews and exciting Sparkling, Cold brew,  Iced Tea options complemented by Matcha Barista favorites and sweets and treats like Matcha Gelato. We look forward to welcoming all Japanese tea lovers at Ikigai-cha Boutique Dubai.



Date: 10.12.2023