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Japanese tea is a fascinating world with many different tea kinds and producing regions. This provides a lot of space for both personal and professional exploration. While there is a lot of information about tea online, it is often confusing and sometimes even contradictive. Our tea courses offer a detailed and clear explanation on a variety of topics from tea history and culture, to tea production, various tea kinds and the best ways to prepare them.


In addition to that, we believe that the best way is learning by doing, so all of our courses include a range of practical exercises. Therefore, joining our tea courses will not only help you deepen your understanding of Japanese tea, but also gain practical experience with it, that will prove helpful for your current and future tea projects.

Japanese Tea Foundation Course

Have you been interested in Japanese tea and would like to learn more about it? The Japanese Tea Foundation Course may be just what you are looking for!
The Foundation Course covers a wide variety of topics from Japanese tea history and tea production to different tea kinds in Japan and their components. You will also be able to learn how to prepare several Japanese teas, such as Gyokuro, Matcha, Hojicha, etc.; and understand how to properly store them.

Participation in this tea course will help you build a solid foundation on Japanese tea, that will bring more confidence when engaging with tea in various ways. Together let’s take your tea passion to the next level!

Two Day Course

15 teas to taste

8 hours of exciting studies



  • 8 Hours of training
  • The book ‘Japanese Tea: A Comprehensive Guide’
  • Course handouts
  • High grade Japanese teas needed during the course for tea brewing and evaluation
  • Teaware from the famous regions in Japan, needed during the course. After the course teaware you like can be purchased at IKIGAI-CHA Boutique
  • Global Japanese Tea Association Certificate  when you pass the course test
  • Tea break refreshments


  • Japanese Tea History
  • Japanese Tea Farming and Processing
  • Japanese Tea Kinds (Gyokuro, Sencha, Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha)
  • Tea Components and Health Benefits
  • Japanese Tea Brewing and Tasting
  • Japanese Tea Storing to optimise its quality


There are no entry requirements for this qualification. Your passion for tea is all you need!


The course lasts for two days from 10 am to 2:30 pm, including a 30-minutes break during which will be served refreshments. Course group is limited to 7 students.